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Birth Bittersweet joy

Aldrnari Healer
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Bittersweet joy

(This post was last modified: 03-06-2021, 07:01 PM by Fuli. Edited 1 time in total.)

Fuli had been resting in bed in her polar bear form (via totem) when the pain started to hit. At first she figured it was merely the babies kicking or a cramp. However, the ache was persistent and increased with each passing minute. The healer grimaced, trying her hardest to gather close pelts and blankets near her. Call it intuition, but these kids were coming now. Hoping no one was home -- Fuli would hate to subject others to the icky display of blood and fluids -- she took a few breaths and got ready to meet her new little ones.

-fade out/in-

It'd hurt, but she knew that going in. This wasn't exactly her first litter. Fuli took her time cleaning each cub. First the one that looked slightly like Berengar. Then the one that took after her with the stripes. However, it was the third and final babe that gave her trouble. No matter how much she cleaned then or moved them around to get them to make a sound -- any sound! -- it just wasn't working.

Tears welled up in her eyes, a bitter pain clutching her heart in a vise-like grip. After having nudged the breathing cubs to her side to nurse, she held the stillborn close to her chest. Sure, she'd lost children before, but never a newborn baby. Never one she gave birth too. But she should be used to the loss by now?

No. There wasn't any 'getting used' to this. Fuli laid there feeling as if she somehow failed. Failed Berengar. How was she supposed to explain that she lost one of their babies? Surely he'd blame her. Perhaps it was this different form? In her birth form there had been no complications. The second she chose to be a polar bear that was when this happened.

Whatever the excuse reason was. The facts still remained. Fuli Olev deemed that she was the cause of it.

She looked down at her nursing babes. A tight lipped smile present on her face as tears freely fell.


Verja Resident
Other mammal
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RE: Bittersweet joy

(This post was last modified: 03-06-2021, 07:34 PM by Athos.)
Athos de la Fère

"A Person's Soul Can Be Seen Through Their Eyes"

Athos peeled open his eyes and let out a large yawn. His head was slightly fuzzy from drinking last night but not enough that it deterred him from moving. As he got up he stretched before walking out of his home. He walked towards Fuli's knowing she was due for cubs soon. Any day now. At least if his calculations from the fire they had were correct. He knocked on the door before walking in. He stopped when he saw two cubs nursing from her and one she held close to her chest with tears streaming down her face.

He moved closer with a frown on his face. The cub she held close wasn't moving and he had a feeling it was a still born. "Fuli.. Zing's happen. Do no' cry cher. Zis one jus' wasn't ready to start 'is life." He said attempting to move to sit at her side. From there he would attempt to wipe the tears from her eyes with his left hand and with his right he'd attempt to pet the two newborns that nursed from her. "Mourn ze loss of zis one yes. But also celebra'e the addition of zese ones." His tone was calm as he looked at her. Before giving her a sad smile. "Will you be naming zem now?"

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Vrai Serf
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RE: Bittersweet joy

(This post was last modified: 03-07-2021, 01:20 PM by Hibiki.)

"Fuli.. Zing's happen. Do no' cry cher. Zis one jus' wasn't ready to start 'is life.... Mourn ze loss of zis one yes. But also celebra'e the addition of zese ones.....Will you be naming zem now?"

A voice filled her ears, a strange one - one she had never heard before. It was speaking to Fuli.. Wait, Fuli? Hibiki's head shot up from her bed that she was resting in. Was something wrong with Fuli! The young female jumped to her paws and hurried towards Fuli and the stranger.

"Fuli? she started but stopped as she was greeted by new scents.. Babies? she thought confusedly before a bright smile lit up her face and she inched closer, forgetting about being afraid of the stranger. "Babies? You've had them?" her ears angled down she could sense something was wrong.. She knew by the tone of the stranger's voice that something wasn't right.. Had one of the babies not made it? I shouldn't act afraid now, I'll only worry her.. Act chipper! she told herself quietly "Can I come closer?" she asked, not wanting to crowd Fuli if she didn't want anyone near her as of right now.

"The babies, what do they look like? I bet they are beautiful - like you Momma Fuli. she said quietly and attempted to angle her head in Fuli's direction and set her milky gaze onto the woman. Her heart had a strange achy feeling, Fuli was in pain wasn't she? She didn't want her to be like that.

Hibiki can speak Japanese and English. She has a heavy thick accent when she speaks in English.
-Hibiki is of diminutive size only weigh 31lbs and reaching 24inches at the shoulder when fully grown. She is also extremely frail and cannot run or jump around much due to asthma.
- Hibiki has a Lilac Breasted Roller companion named Ito. (Ito means Thread in Japanese)


Algiz Resident
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RE: Bittersweet joy

Alo heard voices in his house. But the words from the gorilla gave him a pause. What was wrong with his mom? He blinked a few times before making his way slowly towards the group. He was praying nothing was wrong but a bad feeling settled in his stomach.

He paused walking towards Hibiki’s side to glance at his mom and Athos. Two new additions were feeding from his mom and he stopped. The colors of them were not like normal polar bears at all. He wasn’t even sure who the dad was.

His ears pinned to his head as he looked around. Were his siblings going to grow up without a father as well? Why would his mom get pregnant again? And with polar bear Cubs? How was he going to protect them now? They’d be bigger than him while still babies. Crud.. still his mom needed him right now.

He turned his head towards Hibiki when she asked what they look like and muttered out a reply. ”They are polar bears. One is white with stripes along the back of the neck, his snout is a Smokey grey with tear streaks right next to its eyes. His shoulders and rump are a grey color with black paws and the second is partly white partly spotted. Kinda odd though like a cheetah with yellow around the spots. She has a stripe down her back with the cheetah marks too with moms black spots throughout.” due to his loss of smell he couldn’t tell if they were males or females.

He figured someone would say something about what they were soon enough so he didn’t bother asking the question out loud.


Aldrnari Healer
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4(10.25) years
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RE: Bittersweet joy

She didn't move as Athos came to sit by her. The only inclination that she was listening was her ears pressing flat. No. She didn't want to hear it. "Athos..it's all my fault. If I --" she took in a shuddered breath, her resolve hardening. " -- If I never took on this form.. then this wouldn't have happened." She kept her gaze on the one child she was denied. What was she supposed to do with them? Burying the poor babe only felt like the whole situation was being finalized -- set in stone. Saliva was thick in her throat. Still, she had to let the false calm settle over. Perhaps it was shock? Yes, let's go with that. Maybe in the quiet blanket of night she'd allow herself to fully grieve. Now? Now it had to be cut short for the sake of not looking weak. Well, weaker than she already felt.

"The boy, the one with the stripes, will be Klaus. The girl, the one with cheetah spots, will be called Nayani." She looked up at Hibiki's voice. "I don't mind. They're your siblings now." The false bear waited for her child to move closer, a tight smile ever present on her face. It wasn't like she was unhappy with the comforting words, but it felt as if she didn't deserve any of it.

Her son arrived next. Heart aching for a completely different reason. Did he feel the same way Chara did? There was a certain amount of shame flooding her veins. Like she was unable to meet Aloisius's gaze. Fuli began to fidget, feeling all these complex emotions at once. She didn't want to feel any of it. Hells, she didn't even want to be right here any longer. Still, she would never utter a breath of her thoughts. She'd pretend to be strong. For her family.


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