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All Welcome On the Edge and I am feeling alive.

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On the Edge and I am feeling alive.

A warm breeze tickled Ana's nape as she moved along the pass. Defros Pass. Her cold, icy, blue gaze moved along the dangerous path way - surely many had died here, be it accidental, suicide or murder. Her gaze, though cold, was calm and calculating - watchful and almost wistful in a way. Things were different now. It had been a long time since she had seen her father. It had been a long time since she had seen her sister or her uncle... Good they were not needed in her life. She hadn't seen hide nor hair of Alastor since that day they had split up and she couldn't feel more right about it. She had seen Star, told Star a lot of things..

Coming to a spot that was nearest the edge she sat down and stared out over the water that stretched out below. Very distinctly she could hear the water crashing at the rocks below.. A horrid death to be sure. Angling her eyes downwards the woman gave a quiet sigh - for the first time she felt strangely peaceful. She didn't feel pressured, worried or stressed out over something and to top it off she had Maze... Maze made the darkened world feel right, Maze made things okay.. Was she being childish in the way that she counted so much on the tigress? Perhaps..

Avatars... Tell me, what should I do... she thought silently. How should I spread word about you? How should I bring your story to light and make others interested? her thoughts continued on as she sat there - tail coiled about her.

Anastasia can be considered cold and rather calculating. She doesn't often refer to others as friends and has a hard time distinguishing her feelings. She has no problem with death and will often speak freely of it. Her actions/thoughts do not represent me as a person.
Anastasia has a body like ice due to the fact she is a user of necromancy.
Ana wears this necklace, it harbors Water element.♥
Anastasia has a little brown bat Spirianima. His name is Sergey (meaning Servant)


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