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The blasted rain was finally gone. No longer did he have to stop and preen his feathers every five seconds because the torrential downpour that kept him wet. Damn he really hated water. As he moved about the portal lands he stopped near a pavilion in the middle of the land. He flew around the pillars eyeing them with a gaze. The scrolling at the top was something that Gothel might like.

He still hadn't seen Syla in awhile to see what she might like for her room but then again maybe he could make a few that were uniform. If his members didn't take time out of their day to find him then he would not give them the same curtesy. Wasn't worth his time.

As he flew around the structure he figured he stop and rest and see if any creatures showed up. These lands were pretty dead for the most parts but creatures showed up everywhere. He still needed more members but he was patient. At least thats what he told himself. Some others might not agree with him but he didn't care what they thought. He stopped caring long ago.


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