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Private {Hallvardr} Anniversary

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{Hallvardr} Anniversary

Yhael Gaelstrom

Yhael was walking through the Royal District of the peninsula with a mission in mind. He was on the hunt for a certain someone… a certain hyena king. It was the end of spring and in any day it would become summer. Yhael had been in these lands for a whole year. However that wasn’t the only anniversary springtime brought. Yhael’s birthday happened to be in the spring. As well as Yhael was purposefully avoiding acknowledging the fact that spring also happened to be the season when he first met and slept with Hallvardr. He would deny the connection that seeking out Hallvardr for celebrating this occasion was absolutely a romantic thing to do. So he would just focus on other reasons.

Was it possible that Yhael was doing all of this because he was secretly craving affection and attention? No. Absolutely not. No no no no. It was just that Yhael knew Hallvardr would be up for any of the antics or teasing Yhael could throw at him. Nothing more. Nothing deeper. Hallvardr was just a willing victim. A very willing victim.

But as Yhael walked through the royal district looking for Hallvardr, he was quietly beginning to second guess his idea. Hallvardr and Yhael had frequently bumped into each other since he had joined the Kingdom of Gullborg, and Yhael was finding himself eager to bump into the man more and more often. Perhaps… Yhael was playing with fire. A particular fire he shouldn’t be anywhere near….

Pausing in his footsteps, Yhael’s usual sky-high confidence faltered. Yhael’s wings popped out from his form via ascension and he pressed them firmly against his form in an attempt to soothe himself. Giving a soft hum, Yhael desperately was craving attention, so though he would be playing with fire, all he needed to do was not get burned. All he needed to do was not let Hallvardr get close… and not become close to him.

Yhael took a small breath and proceeded to continue his stroll through the district until he found Hallvardr’s house. Surprisingly… it was… strangely close to his own personal house. How had he missed this earlier? Standing in front of the man's front door, Yhael called out for the man he had been searching for. "Hallvardr!” He couldn't help but wonder though. Had Hallvardr purposefully chosen this house? Was this merely a coincidence? Was Yhael thinking too much about this?

Action | "Speech." | Element
stock by Elli S. & coolzero2a

This man is rated MATURE. His thoughts, actions, and everything else pertaining to him will probably be mature in nature. Thou hast been warned.

Due to Pheromones, Yhael smells like Sandalwood and Vanilla.


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