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All Welcome Hatred, sheer hatred.

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Hatred, sheer hatred.

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Eyes fluttered open once again but things felt strange, she was cold and was aware of the fact that this was entirely impossible. Lifting her head she looked round about herself and frowned, dazed. She was dead, wasn't she? She had left the realm's camp and went to go die but here she was seeing things.

Then.. It came to her. Hatred, anger and frustration scorched her very being. She was dead and it was Arc's fault. A snarl rippled in her throat - had she never allowed for him to beat her she wouldn't be in this mess, she wouldn't have had false pretences and let herself be fooled by him. He was only after one thing and she was glad she couldn't give that to him - even if it meant dying before she could have her own family. Slowly the anger ebbed away as thoughts of her family came to her, a sob rose up in her throat but she stopped it just before it escaped. She would not cry. She would not allow herself to feel that way no... She would harness her hatred and use it..

Gathering herself up to her paws, her claws unsheathed and sunk deep into the soil that she stood on - she cared not for the strange beauty that lay around her.. No, she wanted only one thing.. To make that disgusting feline pay.. Her lips rose upwards into a snarl, curling into an ugly grin "I may be dead but that doesn't mean I cannot make your life living hell she growled to herself and once more looked around "Now, where am I - I don't recall ever seeing this place before but... then again, I hadn't been very many places.. she sighed and sat down, anger once again leaving her.

Her head hung low and her eyes stared at the ground - the hatred she felt burned hot in them "Because of you I cannot find a mate, someone I love and have children... Because of you I can never see my family again... I will never forgive.. never.. she muttered out the words a bit brokenly.

A battle raged within her - a mixured of sorrow, hate, anger, loneliness and betrayal swirled around inside of her.. She would harbor it and feed off of it, even if it meant letting her soul go black... Never forget, never forgive... Revenge was the only way.


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