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Canines 68 62 04 134
Felines 80 70 07 157
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Other Mammals 21 10 01 32
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Tsk, tsk.

Ana prowled silently along the hardened ground of the springs. She had been here once before , when she found her necklace. Her eyes traveled slowly over the pools - could there be other things hidden among their dephts? Sergey, her Spiranima flew silently along beside her - he , for one, was thankful for the warmer weather but knew if he got toooo hot he could just settle down on his ice cold friend.

His beady little eyes traveled down to watch the woman bathed in white. It was still hard to believe she was a mother - didn't that make Perses a grandfather? Would she tell him or would she keep it a secret for the rest of her life and avoid the wolf forever? He knew trying to get an answer would result in harsh words and probably a bath or two.

Feeling as though she were being watched Ana looked up towards Sergey and tilted her head "What are you watching me for? she asked as she came to a stop, eyes watching him carefully.

"Nothing, just wondering about a few things - that is all the bat responded making his way towards the ground "When are you going to teach the little rugrats how to do stuff? All they do is pounce and wiggle! Ooff!

Ana tilted her head and chuffed "They are learning, by simply doing things like that - and we have been teaching them the woman answered as she walked past the bat and began to climb silently into one of the pools - it felt good, it was warm and soothing and quite relaxing as well..

"Oh, well I'm not target practice for Quintus! he grumbled.

Ana has rolled a 5 in the temptation.( steal something )

Anastasia can be considered cold and rather calculating. She doesn't often refer to others as friends and has a hard time distinguishing her feelings. She has no problem with death and will often speak freely of it. Her actions/thoughts do not represent me as a person.
Anastasia has a body like ice due to the fact she is a user of necromancy.
Ana wears this necklace, it harbors Water element.♥
Anastasia has a little brown bat Spirianima. His name is Sergey (meaning Servant)


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