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Meeting [AW] Are You Worthy?

Kamar-Taj King
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[AW] Are You Worthy?

The Fool Who Knows He’s A Fool Is That Much Wiser.

A tedious, conspicuous, yet thorough decision had been weighing dejectedly on the king’s mind; it wasn’t habitual for him to dispose of a covenant, yet age had worn him well. Over the years, Mordo felt achieved, reputable, hubristic.

Had he done enough?

Would the Ancient One be proud?

If not for Kamar-Taj and the doctrines of their master, he may not have persevered, or perhaps excelled in the ingenuity of absolution at its most mesmeric concoction. There was plenty to cosset, however a life of sublimity was what he sought to do. A retiral, to put it plainly -- eyes of rich, ebullient tangerine’s glazed over the travertines, glow activating under illiberal conveniency in abettance to the rousing sun. With it came a kaleidoscope of colours, exalted and exotic as it paraded in pastels of rose, honey, butterscotch and periwinkle. The king breathed, basking in its beauty. It’d roll off the black-clad lion’s tongue like valiant turrets, molded by baritones and bardic resounds. And then, a call would unveil for a worthy heir –– they had to be fervid, candid, modest –– he wouldn’t settle for anything less, of course. They’d built a kingdom, a foundation of solace and acceptance; this, by far, was the most difficult adjudication he’s made, but as the earth went on, so did everything else. A noble expression came, expecting the fortuitous.

Who dare to take Kamar-Taj’s crown?

OC Note: Mordo is calling for a worthy creature to take his place as King/Queen! <3

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Kamar-Taj Master
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RE: [AW] Are You Worthy?


Airspout activated as she stood a few inches off the ground. Not out of need but more of a preference after so many years of using it. Her bi-colored eyes swung left and right as she walked looking for either of her children. She walked towards the springs hoping at least one would come relax in the pools with her. What she hadn't been expecting was Mordo's call.

The sound traveled to her easily via audition so she started in his direction. She made her way with haste and once she saw him she slowed down. Seeing as Mordo was tall she raised herself in the air a bit before nodding her head in greeting. "Hello Master Mordo." She said in a soft tone. She would let him speak before she spoke more. Age, as well as the realms teaching definitely taught her more patience. Much more than she could have ever found on her own. Once she got about 5 feet from him she sat down and wrapped her tail around her front paws.

She walks. | "She talks." | She thinks.

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