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All Welcome Such a shame.[m}



Such a shame.[m}

Marked it M because I'm not sure if her thoughts are dark or not<3

It was hard to make an account of it all. Of her life, that is. What had she accomplished? Nothing. If asked what she had done with her life she wouldn't be able to utter a single word nor be able to defend herself if someone said she was a sorry excuse for a being.

From young, starting when she lost her family, till now she felt unwanted and as if she were a bother to all that had surrounded her - had many surrounded her at all? Her mind went to Ophelia - she had followed her , had she bothered her? She couldn't help but think the answer was yes. The lioness had a family of her own, children that were hers so why would she want a woman that was nearly as old as she was as her child.

It felt as if she couldn't find a home, any at all. Was she wanted anywhere? Or did everyone know that she was a monster, that she was undeserving of any kind of emotion including that dreaded one; hate.

It felt as if she had been turned away, ignored, despised and scorned. Was it because of her scars? Was it because she was useless and couldn't move as fast. Her heart ached and yearned for some kind of affection whether it was fleeting or lasting... Even a fleeting love would be better than none, right?

She stood silent at Defros' Pass -her crimson eyes moving along the darkening sky. She felt alone -should she just leave and not come back? Not once did the thought of killing herself cross her mind, no.. She was much to cowardly for that kind of thing - she was afraid.

Afraid of life and of death.

She was afraid to live the life that was cursed to be lonely and yet she was afraid to make the step to end all of that torture as well. She didn't deserve life or death so there lay the question of what to do and how to arrange things so she could make it all go away.

A sigh escaped from her slightly parted lips and her head tilted backwards. Everything was a mess how could she fix it all. Would anyone realize she had gone away, perhaps not. She hadn't any friends and she loathed the idea of stepping in and bothering her mot--- bothering Ophelia.

If she could describe her pain it would be numb for she was tired of aching and trying to figure out what to do with her life.

"I should leave Yavania..

She muttered the words aloud with downcasted eyes.

Yes, leave..

The thoughts came easily to her as she made her mind up and uttering another sigh she turned from the dangerous cliff and began to make the journey downwards. Where she would go and how far wasn't in her mind she only wanted to go and try and find herself, try and find her home and rightful place. Could that happen? Perhaps or perhaps not..

Pawstep by pawstep brought her further away from the cliff and down the slop of the pass - yes, she would leave Yavania.

-exit Yavania<3-


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