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Spring Year 17
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Spotlights: June/July '22

Cutest Kid & Most Memorable

[played by Kikimora]

[played by Avocado]
For Now I Am Free

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Canines 68 62 04 134
Felines 80 70 07 157
Herbivores 10 05 00 18
Other Mammals 21 10 01 32
Birds 07 08 00 15
Reptiles 01 02 00 03
Other 18 06 00 24
Overall 192 162 12 366



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Without feeling

Back again. It seemed as if she were stuck , the constant wish to return to the earthly world was strong with in her. She wanted, badly, to get the revenge that she so deserved. To see Arc cringe and bellyache of losses would be fun to her. To see him cry out and loss his own life was her desire. Her hatred for him only seemed to get stronger and stronger as time passed by and she harbored on it.

She had seen her brother, Genji.. How she wished she could have seen him before she died. How she wished she could see him again - now the thought was how she knew she could get back, was it something that only happened so often or was there a way she could roam the earth and freely so?

She paced from side to side as she wondered about it and came to a stop and a frustrated sigh escaped from her. "Heavens! Don't I just wish I could take it all back, fight harder and resist him in the beginning." her blue eyes snapped with anger as she sat down. "and how in the hell can I get back!" she looked around - was there a portal somewhere? Yes, no? Maybe? Digging her claws into the ground she lowered her head and another sigh, softer this time, came from her I want to go home


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