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Late afternoon came far quicker than normal. Or, at least, that's what it seemed like with Draco. He'd finished his work that needed to be completed. Of course, that work entitled walking the borders, among other things. Now, the male could relax and do something that seemed less exhausting. He was beginning to see why his father had forced him to trail him for several months. Being leader? It was exhausting and trying on his mind. Perhaps his son, though young, might be ready to take his spot? But like Lucious, it wasn't like Draco was going to suddenly shove the title onto the boy. No matter the age of his kids, they will always be his little boys and girl.

Perhaps he should seek Finlay out...?

He snorted to himself, slightly amused by his own wayward thoughts. Could he see Lorcan as a leader? Absolutely. Did he think his boy was ready for it? Time would tell, he supposed. Even when he had been young, he had followed Draco wherever the older tiger went. He spent far more time than Draco ever had with his own father growing up. He shook his head as he made his way deeper into the lands as he considered the next choices that he was going to have to make.

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