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Borders When you have no control, you let go?
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When you have no control, you let go?

(This post was last modified: 01-10-2022, 11:35 PM by Arya. Edited 1 time in total.)

Arya felt unsure, of the mouse she had caught. Then she became angry and, well, ripped it into smaller pieces. She could smell a realm nearby, she sniffed and walked closer to the borders. She hasn't had anything to eat but that mouse, that she shredded. She got mood swings more often than most do to her condition.

Condense activated as she let out a screaming call for anyone nearby. She sighed and besides, she was going to get scented what was the point of calling if they could scent? "Eh bien, autant aller aux frontières, je n’ai rien de mieux à faire."* She sighed and with that, the teen trotted to the borders.

"Hello? Bonjour? 你好?" She did not set foot on the realm, she knew that was bad. She walked around it listening, thinking, wondering.

OC -
1 -'Might as well go to the borders, I have nothing else better to do.' (French, her home language.)

2 - 'Hello? Hello? Hello?' (Second hello is french, third is Mandarin


© Kimber
1.75 years
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RE: When you have no control, you let go?

Arya looked back and forth from the border to the next land. She wanted to go in, but wasn't going to pout about it. She could be in control, she totally could! Or so, more of She thought. Then there came the unusual feeling of anger. She unsheathed her claws before getting struck by sadness. Why, oh why did she have not control of her emotions?! She wished she could get rid of it, but it was a part of her she'd have to live with it.

She wondered if she would ever find a place to live. To eat, to drink, to make friends and family. Would she? Arya sighed sadly, but got attacked by happiness a second after. She smiled and went closer to the border - as close as she could get before making anothe screeching noise to let them know she was here.


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RE: When you have no control, you let go?


To be the perfect angel
Some sin must be done

Antoinette answered most, if not all, of the border calls since she practically ran the place. What good was it fighting for the throne when her brother was simply going to vanish from the lands. Netty hadn't seen Arc in a fat while and it was honestly grating on her nerves. Because of this she was resentful of the screeching call that would ultimately lead her to some rogue. Frankly, the duchess was going to ignore it. Pray whoever it was would simply leave. Oh, but they didn't.

Latern flickered to life as she begrudgingly left the comfort of her home. The tigress paused in her step as she gazed at the little light. Antoinette was aware of the power she had to make herself glow so perhaps it was getting stronger to the point she could make anything within her sight cast the same glowing aura? It was a question for another time. As she trudged to the border, green-paw activated behind her; fire newt scurrying just out her reach.

Catching sight of a young feline, Netty attempted to cast ventriloquism to allow her irritated growl to puncture close to the cougar's ears. The duchess stood tall on her land, a critical eye narrowing at the noisy rogue. "What could you possibly want?"

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