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All Welcome Complot

Havok Queen
© Akky
4.5 (11.25) years
Height: 32in
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AP: 56AP
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Weight: 120lbs


Exposed “Artio” Lebraid

Wrong me once, I'll kill you twice.

A perfume of death, far more cogent than a rotting corpse, pilfered the bamboo’s primitive stature. Radar and audition expelled their orderliness without frailty or failure, a grisly, macabre thrum bellowing from the graveyard queen’s throat; a dastard deposition, if you will. The snarls oozed from Lebraid’s salmon lips like sprig’s cannoned in recrimination, both maleficent and boreal. Albeit, it was truly in hauteur, high dudgeon. Smoketrail manifested from the coppice of autumn’s breath, its wisping inculpation strangling the wolf’s robe in a vermilion, rosy cloak. Speckles of icy silver, even, bestrewed it softly. Emotions were a nowt probability in the withers of sociopath, or psychopath, and nothing could ever abolish this. Lebraid’s creditable degree was darkly, and if not mercilessly superlative, a carnage of unassailable provinces and prosperity, be it may in draconian barbarity. Need it be anything less? Would there dare be any objections?

Just because she was impaired, did not mean she was incapable.

Featherfoot true, daemon snivelled its way out, granting no objections -- agile steps trod the imperceptible jungle, silent, complotting.

Psychic 0/15 | Bardic 0/15 | Shadow 1/2 | Air 1/2 | Water 0/3.
Charm 0/1 | Smoketrail 0/1 | Lacerate 0/1 | Rend 0/1 | Affliction 0/1 | Axon 0/1.
Audition ∞ | Radar ∞ | Endurance ∞ | Agile ∞ | Essence ∞.

Action. | “Speech.” | Magic.

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Havok Herbalist
© Lightwood
5.25 years
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Weight: 190lbs

RE: Complot

Missy Papa

My breathing gets faster and so does my heartbeat

A while back Missy had found such a pretty and smooth rock. The gray colors reminded her of Exposed, but she couldn't fathom why. Probably because they were such close friends. Oh, the poor girl could truly be delusional. It was strange how she had latched onto the fantasy of companionship in the small absence of her brother and pets. Perhaps then the leechfulness was fueled by a subtle desperation to not be alone. Not that she was capable of looking within herself to fully understand her emotions and actions. Nay, her brother's experiments proved she would never be able to do such a thing again.

The rock lay nestled in her slobbering maw. Missy didn't care. The herbalist had almost lost track of Exposed if it weren't for the billowing cloud of copper smoke. Aha! That's were her queenie was. It was difficult to catch up seeing as the wolf was agile and sure in her steps meanwhile Missy's stock body didn't allow her such luxuries.

The hyena aimed to trot next to Exposed's left side, her rotting stench alone should be indication enough of who dared intrude upon the queen's personal space.

Healing 0/2 | Shadow 0/2 | Psychic 0/2
Action | "Speech" | Magic


Missy is [M] for her language, thoughts, and actions.
She wears a light cream colored pelt as a 'cape' and a necklace made of animal teeth.


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