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Kamar-Taj King
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Dragos move quietly along the shore line - traveling just so that the water would barely tickle the underside of his paws. Soon it would grown warm again, the summer sun would beat down and bring warmth and raging heat with it -- and another season filled with a strange loneliness that he had, as of late, begun to feel. It tugged bitterly at his heart and the male felt confused, perhaps dazed, by it. He, Dragos Lascar! had never felt such foolish emotions before.

Why now?

Dragos had never wanted to be King, not truly but he held the position with such a state of awe that he could hardly let himself let things go. The realm was important, not just for Star but for himself and for others as well. How could he let things go undone, unfinished -- how could he let things just drift away and become a distant memory.

He was not tied down. He did not have to stay in one place, just a trip to the border to make sure things were alright and the realm was safe. It most always was, Kamar-taj was peaceful and quiet. Something he enjoyed.

The male breathed deeply. The tangy scent of the saltwater bathing his tongue as he looked about - empty or seemingly so. A quietness, settled over him as he paused and turned to watch the water. The sound of the waves rushing forwards and lapping against one another as they retreated backwards meeting with other waves that rushed onwards.

How was his old home, he wondered. How was the place he had left so bitterly, surely by now his brother had taken the role of King and had made some sort of decree that stated if he, Dragos, was seen - he was to be chased off , imprisoned or killed. Whatever came first. The male grinned faintly at the idea but sighed heavily as he turned and proceeded to walk along the shoreline.


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