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All Welcome Shadows on the wall.

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Shadows on the wall.

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Dusk had arrived - sending long shadows stretching across the land - shifting and twisting as they crept along. Branches swayed in the gentle, tickling, breeze that stirred. A fine evening for sure -- signs of a storm were on the horizon , darkening clouds loomed threateningly in the distance and slowly made their way across the hazy sky that was marred with purple and pink hues that were growing increasingly dark as time moved on.

One by one it seemed that the stars were attempting to make an appearance - the moon already taking its place as the sun left its. The air was fresh and scented with growing grass, the oncoming storm and various flowers that grew and dotted the area.

Like a shadow himself, Corvus inched along the land with his mouth gapped as he took in the surrounding scents. The male thought of nothing but the path he was on, where his paws were falling at the present moment. His ever changing eyes were relaxed; neither anxiety nor curiosity or expectancy flooded his gaze. The time to be in was then and now rather than the past or the future. He lacked imagination and he lacked the curiosity of someone that wanted to know everything. He took it all in stride and nothing seemed to take him by surprise; it just was.

As he came to a fallen log the male would leap over it featherfoot activating again for the third time as he landed. Though it was not high up the male could feel a difference in how he landed. It was softer, more cushioned as if air had been placed under his paws and broke his fall - it was neither here nor there for him though. He took in it in stride and was sure that it was somehow his doing so why did it need questioning?

As he landed the male would enter into a shadow of a tree that stood nearby conceal would attempt to active for the first time - blending him for a mere second with the shadow he had stepped into but nothing seemed to catch his attention and on he went without a second thought of it.

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"Sweet mother, sweet mother send your child unto me for the sins of the unworthy must be baptized in blood and fear."
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