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How to Yava

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How to Yava

(This post was last modified: 11-23-2016, 03:30 PM by Mooney.)
Okay, so I'm pretty sure that only members can see this area, and since my better villain guide seemed to be a hit, I'll just get on with it. This guide is for the newest members of Yava who don't know how to do something, or where something is. The first thing I wanna say is that half of the things you're wondering about are probably in the rules area, and if you're anything like me when I first joined, you didn't read all the rules other than the general and other required things. Well, now's a good time to go ahead and take another look because the question you probably have may, in fact, already be there. So please, please, pretty please, read the guide! It tells you what you can have, what you can't have, etc, etc. We don't want anyone getting into trouble when they first join!


The next thing would be adopting (as I'm assuming the person(s) reading this already have an account activated). When you want to adopt, you can use the visitor account, your main character account, or your OC account (if you have one). Then you look through the adoption pages. Once you find an adopt that you like/want, most of them have an application, however there may be two different ones. Ones with this type of application (or close to it):

OC Name:
Email (if not a member):
Which Character:
Personality: 10+ sentences
Appearance: 7+ sentences

Means that the character has not been made yet. That also means that the character could possibly be a clean slate (as long as the adopter hasn't put down guidelines for it such as required species and age. I.e cougar that's 3.5 years old.) Other adoptions with this application:

Which Character:
Personality: 7+ sentences, if you're changing it
RP Sample:

Means that the character's account has been made before. Please be patient if you apply for one of these, as the adopter may not be online. Don't feel bad if they don't give it to you! They just want something a little more specific for that certain character, and there are others you can try for!


Getting out into the actual Rping part of Yavania can be pretty daunting, I know. We have so many different leveled members and roleplayers that have different style. And the threads, boy, all those threads! Most of the time a member will offer one of their characters to you for a thread (and usually they make said thread for you). That's a great way to ease your way into Yavania's roleplaying. If they make a thread for you, the easiest thing you can do is click on it in recent threads (or click on it in the forum it's located in. I.e Paws in the sand located in Palm Peninsula), and then scroll down to quick reply and type! Just make sure that it's 7 sentences without dialogue as that's the required amount on Yava.

The hard part is actually making your own thread. If no one has offered you a character or they have and you kindly denied it, then this is what you're left to work with ^^. First things first, if you wish to join a realm, you make a thread on the border of that realm. Unless you want the character possibly attacked (9/10 they will be forced over the border if they refuse to move) then make sure to state you are outside of the border, not inside. Now, when you actually make a thread, there's this little button at the top of each forum. Such as in Siren Cove if you look just above the little grey area where the threads are, and look to the right, low and behold! There's a Post Thread. Click that my friends and bam! You can make a new thread and all that loveliness.

**Please note that you cannot post a reply in a thread that was made before your character's account was activated.**

Additional Characters

We all like to make characters, but that doesn't mean you have to actually create the character the moment you have the idea! Type up the personality and appearance, put it in inspiration or a note on your computer. Think about it! You don't need to have a hoard like me and Amelia when you first join the site! Trust me, it's not fun lol. If you've thought on it for a while and still want it, go ahead and make a new character!

Just try not to make six (6) accounts over night! Staff are very busy and there are other apps and it just wouldn't be fair for them to validate six (6) of your accounts and then have other things to do and then no one else gets their account validated that day. Try to space out the amount of time you make new characters! Get a connection with the ones you currently have, because you may discover you don't have a connection with your first, so then go about making another. Just try not to make six (6) accounts before you've even roleplayed your first character. You did, after all, go through the validating process just for that purpose.


When it comes to making your character, it can get pretty difficult if you don't know what you're doing. Always remember to keep it at 7 sentences for appearance and personality! That's a big thing, and do actual sentences. For example: She is sad. Is not an actual sentence. That's sentences for 1st graders, and we aren't 1st graders, now are we? XD <3 A good example of a sentence would be: She is always sad because of her past. That, ladies and gentleman, are they type of sentences you should be using to make your profile look more grown up! Always remember to check the character creation guide for age, height & weight, etc, etc. It will always help, and if you follow it, you will get accepted when the admins and mods first look at it!

Point System

The point system is probably one of the most daunting aspects of Yavania. It's unique to the site and has a lot going on. There's not much to say about how to use it, as that's trial and error, but I can say that there are ways that makes it easier for you to keep up with them/track how much you're getting. Below, you will find some techniques:

*Start logging them once you start the thread.* Make a link to the thread and as you keep posting, add in what you get. Once you reach 5 posts in a land that you haven't explored yet, put it in.

*Find a way that comfortable to for you to log.* Each person does their own logging different. Some do it like this:
Name of thread
+1 meet character
+2 explore a land
+4 win a spar
Total for thread -

Some chose to do it such as this:

<*a href="link"*>## of points +1 meet char name/+2 explore land/+4 win a spar

And others do it such as this:

<*a href="link"*>+1 Meet character
<*a href="link"*>+2 Explore a land
<*a href="link"*>+4 Win a spar

So you see, there are many ways to log your points and if you ever need help, feel free to PM someone who's been on the site for a while and understand what's going on!

If you have any other questions, Staff can help you out! I hope that this helps Yava's newest members, and I'm sure myself and staff will be adding onto it as time goes by and other stuff comes up for more ideas to add to this guide! If you want to know who your staff members are, they are located here.


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