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Spring Year 12
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Spotlights: Aug '20
Most Sociable

[played by Lightwood]
Pleasing Everyone Isn't Like You

M F O Total
Canines 61 51 03 115
Felines 39 38 03 80
Herbivores 07 08 00 15
Other Mammals 21 14 00 35
Birds 07 09 00 16
Reptiles 02 03 00 05
Other 01 01 00 02
Undead 16 06 00 22
Overall 154 130 006 290



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Magic Powers - Index



Magic Powers - Index

Magic Powers - Index:

Elements: Plant (Pl) / Metal (Me) / Psychic (Ps) / Fire (Fi) / Water (Wa) / Shadow (Sh) / Light (Li) / Earth (Ea) / Electricity (El) / Air (Ai) / Kinetic (Ki) / Healing (He) / Necromancy (Ne) / Divination (Di) / Bardic (Ba)
Elemental Upgrade (XX-U)
Elemantal Combo (E-Co)
Unique Power (UP)
Blessing (B-Avatar)

A / B / C / D / E / F / G / H / I / J / K / L / M / N / O / P / Q / R / S / T / U / V / W / X / Z

A: -top-
Advanced Link (Ps-U)
Advanced Mislead (Li-U)
Affliction (UP)
Air Spout (Ai-U)
Airblade (Ai)
Airstrike (Ai)
Allure (UP)
Amplify (Ba)
Animate (Pl)
Antifungal Salve (UP)
Aphasia (Ps)
Arrow (UP)
Ascension (UP)
Asphyxiate (Ai)
Astral-Projection (Di)
Audition (UP)
Axon (UP)

B: -top-
Banshee (UP)
Barrier (Ki)
Bastion (UP)
Beam (Li)
Behemoth (Ne)
Black Ice (Wa)
Blood Armor (Ne-U)
Bloodbend (Ne)
Bloodbound (B-Defros)
Bolt (UP)
Bond (He)
Bone-Shape (E-Co)
Brand (UP)
Bullet (Me)
Bulwark (UP)

C: -top-
Camouflage (UP)
Carrion (Ne-U)
Chakra (E-Co)
Chameleon (UP)
Charm (UP)
Chill (Ne)
Chlorophyll Undead (E-Co)
Chroma (Fi-U)
Cinder (Fi)
Clarity (UP)
Classify (UP)
Clayshape (Ea-U)
Cloudburst (Wa)
Companion (UP)
Conceal (Sh)
Contour (Sh)
Condense (Wa)
Contagion (Ne-U)
Corpselight (E-Co)
Crackle (El-U)
Cross Stitch (E-Co)
Current (El)

D: -top-
Daemon (Sh)
Darkvision (UP)
Dart (UP)
Deep Breath (Ai-U)
Deepsight (Di-U)
Delirium (Ba)
Denial (Ps)
Detailed Dominate (Ps-U)
Detect (Di)
Detonate Undead (E-Co)
Disc (Ki-U)
Discord (Ba-U)
Disembody (Di)
Disguise (UP)
Distract (E-Co)
Dome (Ki)
Dominate (Ps)
Doppelganger (Li)
Doubt (Ba)
Drain (Ne)
Dreamwalker (Di)
Dynamo (El)

E: -top-
Earthquake (Ea)
Echo (UP)
Engulf (Sh)
Essence (UP)
Evasion (UP)
Excavate (Ea-U)
Expel (Di-U)
Explosion (Ki)
Extend (Ne)
Extended Link (Ps-U)

F: -top-
Farseer (Di-U)
Farsight (Di)
Fatigue (Me)
Featherfoot (Ai)
Fertility Elixir (UP)
Filter (Wa-U)
Fireball (Fi)
Firecoat (Fi)
Firenado (E-Co)
Fire Resistance Potion (UP)
Fire Whip (Fi-U)
Flashbang (E-Co)
Flame Dagger (Fi-U)
Flame Wall (Fi)
Flamethrower (Fi)
Flourish (Pl)
Full Stoneskin (Ea-U)

G: -top-
Geyser (Wa)
Ghoul (Ne)
Gills (UP)
Glass-Shape (Ea-U)
Glow (Li)
Goodberry (Pl-U)
Grapple (B-Litar)
Gravity Well (E-Co)
Grease (UP)
Green-Paw (Pl)
Guardian (E-Co)
Guide (Di-U)
Gust (Ai)

H: -top-
Haste (Ai)
Healing Pulse (He-U)
Heatmap (Fi-U)
Hemostasis (Ne-U)
Hindsight (Di)
Hot Cinder (Fi-U)
Hum (Ba)
Hydrate (Wa)
Hydroguise (B-Cyfton)
Hypersensitivity (UP)
Hypnosis (Ps)

I: -top-
Ice Point (Wa-U)
Ice Shot (E-Co)
Ice Spikes (E-Co)
Icicle (Wa-U)
Identify (UP)
Ignite (Fi)
Illusion (Li)
Impact (Ki)
Impart (Ki-U)
Ink (Pl-U)
Insight (Di)
Inspire (Ba)
Invisibility (Li-U)
Iron-Skin (Me)
Iron-Teeth (Me)
Isolation (E-Co)

J: -top-
Jet (Wa)
Jubilee (Li)
Jumpstart (El-U)

K: -top-
Kaleidoscope (UP)
Knit (He)

L: -top-
Lacerate (UP)
Landmine (El)
Lantern (Li)
Laser (E-Co)
Lasso (Li-U)
Launch (B-Mythys)
Leaf Storm (Pl-U)
Levitate (Me)
Levitation (Me-U)
Lightfruit (B-Syuna)
Lightning (El)
Light Shield (Li-U)
Link (Ps)
Locate (UP)
Luminous (Li)

M: -top-
Magma (Fi)
Magnetism (Me)
Magnetism Master (Me-U)
Majesty (Ba)
Mana Potion (UP)
Mask (UP)
Mass Telepathy (Ps-U)
Meditation (UP)
Medium (UP)
Mend (E-Co)
Messenger (UP)
Metabolic (UP)
Metal Coat (Me-U)
Meteor Shower (E-Co)
Mimicry (Ba-U)
Mind Fog (Ba-U)
Mislead (Li)
Mixology (UP)
Momentum (Ki)
Moonlit Shadow-Step (Sh-U)
Morph (UP)
MRI (He-U)

N: -top-
Naproxen Potion (UP)
Necromancer (Ne-U)
Negation (UP)
Neuron (UP)
Neutralize (He)
Nightmare (Di-U)
Nimble (Ai-U)
Noxious (UP)
Nutrient (Pl-U)

O: -top-
Obscure (UP)
Occultation (UP)

P: -top-
Pacify (UP)
Panic (Ne)
Parse (Ps)
Penicillin Elixir (UP)
PhD (He-U)
Photosynthesis (Pl)
Pied Piper I (E-Co)
Pied Piper II (E-Co)
Pied piper III (E-Co)
Pilot (Ne-U)
Plasma (El)
Plasma Ball (El-U)
Pollen (Pl)
Portal (E-Co)
Practitioner (He-U)
Premonition (UP)
Pressure (E-Co)
Projection (Ps)
Prophesy (Di-U)
Propulsion (Ki)
Psychokinesis (Me)
Psychometry (Di)
Pyrokinesis (Fi)
Pyrotechnics (Li-U)

Q: -top-
Quicksand (Ea)
Quicksilver (Me)

R: -top-
Radar (UP)
Rage (UP)
Ragweed (Pl)
Rampart (Ea)
Rebound (Ki)
Rebuke (Ne-U)
Red Flamethrower (Fi-U)
Redirect (Ki-U)
Reenact (UP)
Reflection (He)
Regeneration (He-U)
Regulate (E-Co)
Remote (Ba-U)
Rend (UP)
Renew (He)
Renewed Vow (E-Co)
Repose (Ne-U)
Repulse (Me)
Repulsor (E-Co)
Retribution (He)
Ripple (B-Maata)
Robot (Me-U)
Rosetta Linguist (Ps-U)
Rosetta-Stone (Ps)
Rupture (Ea)

S: -top-
Sanctuary (Ea)
Sandshape (Ea-U)
Sandstorm (E-Co)
Séance (Ne)
Sensate (Ki)
Sense (Di)
Shadow-Play (Sh)
Shadow-Step (Sh)
Shadowtouch (B-Kulla)
Shadow Vine (E-Co)
Sheen (El-U)
Shield (He)
Shift (UP)
Shock (El)
Shocking Stomp (E-Co)
Shock Wave (E-Co)
Shroud (Sh)
Shuffle Twin (Sh-U)
Sickle (Sh)
Silence (UP)
Skim (Ps)
Skinwalker (Ne-U)
Skitter (El)
Slam (Ba)
Slash (Ba)
Slingshot (Ea)
Slumber Elixir (UP)
Smokescreen (Fi)
Smoketrail (UP)
Snare (Pl)
Solidify (Ki-U)
Soothe (He)
Soothing Whispers (E-Co)
Spatter (E-Co)
Specimen (UP)
Spider (UP)
Spiritwalk (Di)
Spore (Pl)
Spring (Ai)
Stagnant (Ki)
Starfall (E-Co)
Static (El)
Steadfast (Ea)
Stitch (He)
Stone Shape (Ea)
Stoneskin (Ea)
Subjugate (Wa)
Subzero (Wa-U)
Submerge (Wa)
Suction (Ai-U)
Suggestion (Ba)
Summon I (UP)
Summon II (UP)
Summon III (UP)
Sunburst (Li)
Surge (E-Co)
Swarm (Sh)
Syuna's Light (Li-U)

T: -top-
Telepathy (Ps)
Telekinesis (UP)
Telekinetic (UP)
Teleport (Li)
Telescope (UP)
Thermometer (Wa)
Thorns (Pl)
Thorny Undead (E-Co)
Thruster (Fi)
Thunder (El)
Thunderstrike (El)
Torchlight (UP)
Tornado (Ai)
Totem (UP)
Translate (UP)
Transmute (Me)
Transmute Metal (Me-U)
Trapfinder (UP)
Tree Empathy (Pl-U)
Tremorsense (Ea)
Triage (He-U)
Triple Doppelganger (Li-U)
Truthseek (UP)
Thruthseer Potion (UP)
Twin (Sh)

U: -top-
Undead Companion (Ne-U)
Undead Companion II (Ne-U)
Untraceable (UP)

V: -top-
Veil (E-Co)
Ventriloquism (Ba)
Vibration (Ki)
Vine Whip (Pl-U)
Vivid Daemon (Sh-U)
Vocal Daemon (Sh-U)
Voodoo (Ne)

W: -top-
Ward (UP)
Water Bane (UP)
Water Knife (Wa-U)
Water Whip (Wa-U)
Wave (Wa)
Weaken (Ne-U)
Weaver (B-Marlon)
Whisper (Ai)
Whispering Flames (E-Co)
Windwall (Ai)
Wings (UP)
Wood Pulp (Pl-U)
Wood-Warp (Pl)
Wrest (Ne-U)

X: -top-
X-Ray (He)

Z: -top-
Zombie (Ne)


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