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Ailes's Cluttered Desk

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© Ailes
15 years
Height: 5' 5"
Posts: 83
AP: 108AP
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Weight: 126 lbs

RE: Ailes's Cluttered Desk

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Baledunce | Click for full-size

Viisrah | Click for full-size
Krieg "Psycho" Schieffer

Grey(white) wolf | Partial melanism | Male | 3.5 years (Winter) | Heteroflexible
40 in | 180 lbs
Masochist | Truthful

Mainly based off of Krieg the Psycho from Borderlands 2.

"Say 'thank you.'" "NIPPLE SALADS!" "Close enough."
"Don't make this weird."
"Don't worry, it's a GOOD touch!"


The Borderlands were an inhospitable, violent place from its very beginnings.


At first glance, one could easily label him as rather plain in appearance. Though large and obviously muscled, his coloration itself is not necessarily exotic nor vibrant. If he were to be untouched by melanism, the man himself would appear entirely as a mixture of white and off-white. With his genetics working their hidden wonders, however, he instead finds himself with a pelt of orange-ish cream and an underbelly of white. It spreads from his face and throat across his chest and belly, painting the insides and undersides of his legs, covering most of his tail, and also reaching upwards to claim each flank. However, parts of him remain the same. His nose and pads are a dull, dark grey color with the latter calloused and rough from years of exposure to the harsh terrain of the Borderlands. Jet is the color of his lips and nails, along with the exposed flesh around his eyes.

His eyes are, perhaps, one of his most striking outward features. The product of heterochromia, his right eye being a cool brown whilst the left is painted in harsh and icy pale blue tones. A notable, though relatively small, scar makes its jagged mark across his face, striking vertically across his left eye. The long-healed tear in his flesh races from above his brow downwards, ending abruptly a couple inches below said eye. The flesh is pink and puckered there, bare of the fur that would otherwise conceal its existence.

There are many other scars that litter his body, too, hidden beneath his short but thick coat. In comparison, his ears are remarkably pristine. Yet a simple glance or touch would not necessarily reveal the existence of such marks, though a thorough search could procure results such as uneven spots where the fur is raised or thinner than the rest, or where it might feel slightly coarser to the touch. Prolonged contact might even result in feeling the raised lines and bumps in his skin underneath his coat. He does not hide them, necessarily, but he doesn't go out of his way to point them out either.

Hidden wonders seem to be the theme with him, one could find. A glance inside Krieg's mouth would do nothing but support that claim. Melanism stains his gums and tongue, turning what would have been various shades of pink into a dark purple-black and blue-black respectively. Striking against their dark surroundings, his teeth are a dirty off-white.


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