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Another leader stolen from the comfort of their throne. Cyfton cared not.To be mortal was to suffer, so he disregarded the reason for his visit as he undertook his task. Instability was the normal; stability was the oddity, especially when it concerned the lives of mortals. He almost wondered if they tired of the chaos of life but decided it didn't matter. Blizzard raging, he stood on his hind legs on the center of the flattop mountain and roared to gather the attention of the mortals who called the Tepui home. Then, when he spoke, his voice boomed across Yavania. "Otam! Another leader is gone, and her co-leader has vanished as well. Who will take their place?" He said nothing of what had happened to them, for that was not his task.

Mission complete, he vanished back to the Eternal Realm.

Otam is open to claiming! Characters need 40 posts to claim (if they are 2+ years old). Otamis open to ANY claiming it, as it has no council to step up (Setyx Dame has not accepted the rank in the past thread, yet). If no one has stepped up in 24 hours, Otam will be disbanded.


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Rai Dame & Loki Fritjov

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If it wasn't one thing, it was another.

Cyfton's voice came, blaring as it told them that another two leaders have been taken. Rai wondered if they had become a target... One of those leaders, she was certain, had been a relation to her. That meant there were several of the Dames missing and she couldn't sit still any longer. Her ears pinned against her head as the elder russet wolf found herself in the middle of the lands. She had just given up a leader position but she wasn't going to allow the Kingdom to fall under three realms either. Raising her head, the russet wolf howled as she claimed the land as hers. Would any contest against the elder wolf? Well, it would only be time to tell her. Not that Rai Dame really had anything to worry about. Out of them all, she had the most experience in both leading and fighting. Well, besides that of Loki maybe. But her husband would hardly contest against her.

"This realm will not fall." Though, she would explain what she was going to do with it after others would come to the call from both Cyfton and herself.

OC Note: Rai is claiming Otam!

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Here's to the damned, to the lost and forgotten.

Hot, frothing rage powered the 'yote more than anything. His chest ached, eyes stung, he felt fatigued and just compelled to lay down and sob. It was okay now, he would tell himself time and time again, because he wasn't going to let the bastard play with his emotions any longer. Jamison had thought him different from those in Oz, had thought their relationship actually meant something to the large man. Apparently not and Jami found it hard to believe that he was so gullible as to actually think he might've had a chance. Golden eyes were dull as he walked aimlessly, gazing at nothingness but vaguely registering obstacles to keep him from walking into things. The calls broke him from his heartbreak-induced stupor, causing him to blink in their direction slowly.

Another two gone, as Loki had suspected due to their failure to arrive during the council meeting. Jamison was growing unsurprised at this point, a fact he knew was actually quite bad. His pace was quick but not incredibly hurried, the speed having been chosen earlier when thrusters accidentally activated upon his hind paw and his stump with the red-orange flames sending him tripping and falling on his face once more. Now that was getting a little tiring, and he was promptly beginning to err on the side of caution when walking around. He never knew when his magic was going to suddenly strike out and make a fool of him.

Not that he wasn't a fool anyways, Jami was more than aware that he could be an idiot most of the time sometimes.

Pricked ears listened to another call from the same location and he arrived shortly afterwards, approaching with a grin before reclining on his haunches nearby. The 'yote wasn't going to challenge the elder, he knew for a fact that she had more right than him to it. It wasn't like Jami was actively vying for the rank either, he had taken Dovhakin's throne to keep it from disbanding. Instead, the 'yote was offering his support to her while seeking to stay in the loop of what was going on. Golden eyes would glance around, seeking to catch sight of any others that might arrive to support or contest her claim.

"G'day, Queen Rai."

In the background of his mind, he wondered if Mako would arrive as well. If so, the 'yote was more than determined to just stand up and walk away the second his traitorous visage decided to show up. Jami couldn't handle more hurt, didn't want to see the face that he had loved. It would just grind his heart further into the dust, but wasn't that what Mako wanted? To see just how much he could hurt the vulnerable man? Because Jamison knew one thing right damn then.

Jamison wasn't gonna take that shit any longer.

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Kalinsi had been relaxing in the trees. Waiting to be summoned again. She decided to relax in the Tepui though today. The call of Cyfton terrified her. She sat up quickly and looked around before beginning through the trees to where the call was to sure have come from. As she went, she went to the ground and began travelling on the ground. As she was going, she went by a dandelion that was still growing. Unintentionally, Flourish activated. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed the dandelion growing and maturing. She spun around quick to watch before she continued on her way. Hopping and pulling herself along till she reached the top. Maybe she could get a good view of what had a voice like that? Unfortunately she arrived to find snow, an elderly looking wolf, a three legged coyote, and a wolf to which she smiled at and dipped her head as the wolf proclaimed that she would not allow the realm to fall.

Maybe she could be a healer of this realm, she guessed was named Otam. ”Greetings, my name is Kalinsi. I have no doubt that you anyone will challenge, so I’m going to ask this now because so far it’s been the only chance I’ve had. But I wish for a healer position. I know all herbs and their uses.” She didn’t exactly know all the herbs ever but she knew the vital ones that could help out when needed. It was true, she doubted anyone would truly challenge anyone. But of course that was just her own thoughts.





Aurelius Dame-Fritjov

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Cyfton’s call was all but amusing to the wild dog. Was seeing members of the kingdom suffer that fun for the avatars? Aurelius knew not, and tried his best not to think about the topic. To be honest, he had been waiting for this for a while now. Neither Bhreac or Mayzee seemed to be fitting for the position of ruler, really; and having the divinity show up and open claiming for Otam only added to his idea. Now, if the realm would fall or gain another unworthy leader, the heir knew not. All he could hope for was a ruler willing to maintain their spot for a good amount of time.

Marching forth, the canine would make his way towards the tepui. Shoulders were rolled back and chin was angled up, confidence following him at every step. He had missed several important occurs during the previous weeks, and missing this one was not an option. Even if it all mattered little to him.

Upon arrival, a sigh of relieve would escape his lips as orbs landed upon his great-grandmother. Rai had claimed Otam for herself, it seemed. "Queen Rai" he greeted the woman, trying to approach her right side. The teen would then gesture a formal bowl before sitting down. "I wish you the best of luck as the new leader of Otam." Gentle words slipped past his lips like silk, regal posture well kept as ascension granted wings settled to his laterals. He knew the woman needed no luck - that she would do a good job as queen with his approval or not - but he wished to show support nevertheless.

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Herleif Dame-Fritjov
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Herself heard the words of Cyfton and his ears went back. Another 2 leaders down? That was not good. He wanted to get to the bottom of this and soon. To have members disappearing left and right was recipe for disaster. He followed the avatars voice to Otam. He saw his mom and nephew already there with Jamison and the dark faced wolf with a monkey mixed it. He heard the monkey want a healer spot and tilted his head to the side. Healers were always needed even one that only knew herbs. Though what really got his attention was the monkey part of the animal. She could perhaps teach him how to move like her. Now that interested him. He would have to speak with her after this meeting. He gave a smile to his mother and attempted to sit to her right. He kept his head high. "Greetings Mother." He said with a small smirk. He then looked at the others gathered before he attempted to whisper in his mother ears. "What is the council doing about those missing?" Herleif of course was curious and wanted to help somehow. He was still a 'child' in everyones eyes but he was bigger than most children. He wanted to find a way to be of use.

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Upon hearing the words, all too familiar to him not, Loki teleported to the Tepui. Of course, as he had yet to master the power, he ended up quite a few feet off. Thus, he had to walk to Rai's side, aware that she'd taken the claim based on the reactions of those around them. So. Both of the leaders of Otam were gone? Likely taken, Loki assumed, based on recent happenings. "Councilor Jamison, Prince Aurelius," Loki greeted the highest ranking pair. With a glance to Rai, he spoke for all to hear. "It seems our enemies have struck again. We can only assume they have Queen Mayzee and Quene Bhreac in their grasps." Hypnosis activated but failed, of course, due to him not adhering to the way it worked. "We must take action. Perhaps now is the time to make a move. War is not without risk...but we risk losing more members every day, regardless."

Then, to solidify his claim with Rai and to summon the Kingdom members, he lifted his maw to howl. Upon its end, he spoke once more to those present. "The now Aldrnari will lead the war effort, but not all can go with. Some must stay behind to protect the young."

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Shift granted him the form of a green aracari, and he flew towards the call swiftly. More have fallen, that inner voice said, and you've done nothing to stop it. Though it was the Kingdom as a whole that had failed to act, he was to blame as well. You could have gone off alone. You abandoned your mother as much as they did. Monster!

Already present when Loki made his declaration, Rangvald dropped his animal disguise and returned to his lupine skin. "Finally," was his reply, hissed and condemning. It was, after all, his grandparents that had allowed this to happen first and foremost. "We should march soon," he added. "Perhaps those that do should relinquish ties to the Kingdom, so if we fall, it does not. Thus, not every leader should march. Only those with co-leaders."

Though he pretended to care about the Kingdom, it was not what drove him to suggest such a thing. No, it was because he knew Asger would thus be forced to remain behind. "If those of us who march do not return, it would be wise for the Kingdom to move on. We will return with those who have been stolen or not at all."

Rangvald did not fear death; he longed for it. But he would not die without freeing his mother.


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She was practicing knit on a wild sparrow when the call came. Not far away due to the move to the Algiz, Syfka was close by, so she walked the distance to where the meeting was. She'd been exploring the Tepui anyway, so it didn't take long to arrive. Thus, she heard Rangvald's words.


Oh, the idea didn't sit well with her. In her youth, she'd been a fighter. She'd had to be to survive. In her older age, she'd settled into life as a healer, dedicating herself to the Divine Goddess of another land. She'd taken a vow of non-violence, and so she found herself at a crossroad.

"I'll go with. If not to fight, at least to have a healer of magic and herb ready and waiting to aid those that need it."


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Gandalf Ambroise-Fritjov

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The familiar Avatar's call did not go unnoticed by the wild dog. He had half the mind to ignore it, still salty from Kulla's wrongdoing towards him, but it was too intriguing. Gargan--er, Otam--seemed to always be out of luck when it came to leaders. He didn't seek to reclaim another. No, upon his arrival there seemed to be much more important things to concern them.

Gandalf slowed to a stop relatively near his brother. Rangvald spoke of marching, and grandfather talked of war and people being captured. Orange-greens flicked between Rangvald and Loki. It obviously wasn't hard to put two and two together. Family was missing, and he wasn't going to stand by and let his betters do everything. He was determined to be useful. What he didn't know was that Frigga was among the captured. If he had, well, he'd only want to go more.

"I'll go." Gandalf offered, chin high. He may not be a leader anymore, but he was more than willing to go to battle for those they loved. Sure, cousins were jerks sometimes, other adults patronizing and judgemental, but they were still related.

His shoulder had been relocated and the ache was gone, but he knew it had the possibility of hindering him in the future. It wasn't going to stop him. If they told him not to come, and he learned his mother was taken, he'd raise hell... And go anyway.

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