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Meeting Pulse

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(This post was last modified: 08-21-2018, 02:44 AM by Akradr. Edited 5 times in total.)

Narcissa Malfoy

Diamond Thrones and Royal Beds.

It was almost time to do what was necessary for the Malfoy’s and those who bow beneath them -- she knew what needed to be done, and implementing that very decision would be solidified nonetheless. A queen did what was best for the kingdom, and that was that. She knew that it'd been quiet in spite of holding quality over quantity, and most of their numbers revitalized consistency through their own lineage. Right now, it was time to reestablish a more founding proposition for the house of Malfoy’s. Disbanding seemed probable, and after having a discussion with Lucious, it wouldn’t be ignored any longer*. There’d been reasons for everything, and after years of prevailing in power and victory, Morsmordre’s succession in growth hadn’t been as exceptional as it once was.

It was unfortunate, really.

A delicate brow studied the mountain’s vast undergrowth, whitened-limbs sturdy among the snowy esplanade –– though summer swept through, it didn’t recede –– instead, streams of fresh water concaved amidst the pockets and dips of Eldr’s summit. There would be no more dishonor or disobedience, because removing the kingdom from its stable arms was the only solution in finding Ankaa. Family meant everything, and Narcissa refused to think otherwise. Such a circumstance would not be tolerated by any means necessary; stealing a blueblood was way under the assailant’s paygrade, if that still be the case. They dare take what does not belong to them? Do they not understand who they are dealing with? The Malfoy’s, for one, held clout and a reputation that cannot be scathed -- whitened-hackles rose in dominance, elegancy contained as her maw somewhat wrinkled in loathe, but quickly dissolved. Whoever did this would pay, one way or another. A politician by choice, everything was executed with precision, manipulation and persuasion via words, “Once we deliver our choices with the kingdom, we will be leaving.” The children agreed without question or hesitation, and she smiled in light admiration; that singular, oceanic-blue narrowed under simple contemplation, calling for all those that subordinate beneath their royal throne.

Subzero wisped atone the porcelain’s skin in cold beauty, caressing every crevice and curve –– jewelry adorned, she sat in silence, expecting absolute compliance.

OC Note: This is a mandatory meeting for all members/slaves of Morsmordre; you have until the 26th of August to post. <3

> PP’ing Carina, Vevina and Aeson as they are my own characters.

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RE: [Mandatory] Pulse

(This post was last modified: 08-21-2018, 02:34 AM by Sithe. Edited 1 time in total.)
Sithe Dame

I don't care, I don't care if they call us crazy
Runaway to a world that we design.

“So much for marriage recitals,” Sithe huffed, more oblivious to the proposition and agreement due to a lack of care –– quite frankly, the golden boy hadn’t even bothered to make a move. Why, for that matter, should she make an effort if he did not? Oh, the cheetah wasn’t one for lollygagging and bullshit; with a gargantuan ego and spitfire tongue, it was used for simple amusement and getting what she wanted.

A maul for attention if it be necessary, of course.

Acidic-pumpkin’s narrowed at the escapade of warm, wintry swells, hearing the call from Morsmordre’s queen. Well, ain’t this exciting? Yeah-no, “How boring.” Sass rolled off the Dame’s lips like syrup in hot tea, now maneuvering atop the thinned ice in heed of the apparent meeting. It wasn’t as if she gave a shit, but there was an order to the contract provided -- so, as she climbed the mountain’s girth, hackles began to dance with dominance and intimidation. She would not be disregarded, because hell, she’ll fuckin remind them who they’re dealin’ with; while Morsmordre made an alliance, it meant naught to the woman. Why should it? Eyes would rake the crowd, acknowledging the ivory queen with a light, silent nod. The others were regarded, though that wasn’t any of Sithe’s concern –– she wasn’t afraid of the big, bad wolf –– alas, whiskey haunches reclined on the outskirts of the political stature. This was all they were getting’ out of a Dame with gloating self-confidence, period.

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RE: Pulse

✪ Star ✪

Her ears flicked as she heard the call from Narcissa via Audition. She heaved herself to her paws and left her warm pelts. Before she made it two feet Thrusters activated on her front two legs sending her sprawling into the ground. A few seconds after the magic stopped and she stood up. Her chest stung from where she hit a few rocks but was other wise ok. It seems her magic was still growing, something she was quiet proud of but not something to dwell on now. Hell she didn't even have anyone to share this victory with. She shook out her white coat and got the dirt off before she walked. Her bi-colored gaze then saw a bird chirping on a branch. It was quiet loud and annoyed her because she needed to get to the meeting. "Stop" She said activated Dominate and the bird stopped for a moment before restarting it's chirping. Another new magic perhaps? She wasn't sure but the sound still annoyed her. She growled but continued walking.

She followed the sounds of where she could hear faint murmurers of speaking. Airspout was activated raising her a few inches off the ground. She knew it didn't really do much but it kept her paws from getting cut on the sharp rocks. Something she was ever so grateful for. As she arrived she saw the Queen and her children and then the cheetah from the Kingdom. She bowed her head slightly in greeting and then lifted it but she did not speak. She was more curious as to what was going on. Something must have happened for Narcissa to call a meeting. One she'd always join. If anything the fight she had with her Queen truly taught her obedience. Her life was easily taken away and not something she wanted to gamble with. She sat down on the air and wrapped her tail around her paws. She looked at the cheetah who sat with her head proud. Quiet cocky she was but she ignored it before looking at Narcissa again.

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RE: Pulse

(This post was last modified: 08-21-2018, 04:24 AM by Faeline.)

Her ears flicked as she heard the call and a smile immediately came to her face. Oh she absolutely loved meetings. She didn't get out much, not that she minded but maybe one day. Oh she could only hope. Her bright blue eyes flicked around before she followed the call. Glow activated making her tail glow but her eyes were on the ground trying to make sure she didn't trip. She never knew when something might try to jump out and bite her. Oh it never happened but it could.

Sensate allowed her to notice a small mouse right before it rang a crossed her feet. She giggled at the cute thing before she kept trotting to the meeting. Faeline did not walk nor run she danced as she walked. At least it looked like it to her. To other it may seem as if she were high stepping her front legs. Her tail wagged behind her. As she got to the meeting she saw Narcissa and her children and saw the cheetah from the Kingdom. Oh the cheetah was pretty like Danika. Except she had white markings around her eyes.

She moved closer to the gathering before seeing another tiger that seemed to be levitating off the ground. She titled her head at the tigress before she moved to Sithe's right side, attempting to be a bit in the cheetah's personal space. But to Faeline no one had personal space around her. She needed to be close to everyone. She looked at the Queen with a bit smile on her face as she waited for what was to be said.

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OC: Perm from Akra via C-Box for Fae to come <3

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RE: Pulse

She does-"She speaks"-'She thinks'

A groan escaped her maw as she heard the summons from her 'Masters'. Her eyes went cross eyed at the thought. True she hadn't been hurt nor injured except in the beginning went she tried to escape but a captive was still a captive. As it was she needed to move her ass. She stood up and stretched letting out a loud yawn as she did so. She made her way to the gathering slowly but surely.

Another boring day another boring life. She doubted this meeting would be any more serious as the last what like 8? She hadn't been counting. Though it seemed at ever meeting fewer and fewer members were showing up. Not that it mattered to her. Less people meant a less strong realm. Her eyes took in everyone here immediately growing bored. She hummed to herself quiet enough that no one around her could hear. She was off to the left of everyone, slightly leaning on a rock. Her one good eye looked at everyone with a blank gaze. Everything from her other eye was just blurry. She looked down at her body seeing a few clumps of dirt clinging to her fur. Not that she gave a fuck but man she looked worse for wear. She'd need a bath soon and man she hated water.




RE: Pulse

Healing yourself is connected with healing others.

Though the girl was not well-versed in the art of English, she was more than capable of understanding the meaning of the call. A summons for the entire realm, thus meaning that the (now) young woman should answer and answer she did. Short legs carried her as quickly as possible across the territory, only pausing once when she accidentally cut her pad against the sharp edge of a jutting rock. With a simple swipe of her tongue across it, stitch activated to resolve her issue and she continued on her hurried way. Pointed ears were pricked, a gentle smile in place upon the girl's porcelain face as emerald eyes began to take in those present as they came into view. Three women in particular stood out to her, and the girl joyfully approached the spotted lady (Sithe) first.

"你好! 你很漂亮, 我愛你的眼睛. 你頭上的東西看起來也很好看!"1 Youthful tones would beam as soothe would unconsciously attempt to activate upon the woman and ease any of her negative emotions.

Then, she'd turn to look at the ivory lady with her flowery crown (Narcissa). Emerald eyes would practically shine as she'd attempt to near the woman, foreign tones seeking to compliment her as well. After all, she was very beautiful as well and Mei-ling saw no reason to not say so! It was nice to let people know how pretty they were, wasn't it?

"你也是! 我覺得你很漂亮."2

With her pieces said and a bright smile upon her porcelain face, the girl would attempt to hurry towards Star's right side where she would attempt to snuggle into the snowy woman's pelt and face Narcissa (though Mei-ling was unaware of the lady's name). Bright tones would greet the final pallid woman as the girl attempted move, head tilting upwards to look towards the woman she'd come to consider a mother figure in place of Lei-ling.

"Star! 很高興再次見到你!"3

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1 - Hello! You're very pretty, I love your eyes. The thing on your head looks nice too!
2 - You too! I think you're very beautiful.
3 - It's nice to see you again!

Mathias Appel
& Mathias Appel


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RE: Pulse

Lucious Malfoy

Are you ready for a perfect storm

Lucious came in silently, his attention focused inward. The longer they stalled, the more harm that could potentially come to their daughter. Though, it wasn't like Ankaa wasn't smart. She knew how to handle herself. That did not mean, of course, that he was going to let it go either. His ears were pinned against his head. His worry was an open thing. At least, it was when he was alone. He was well aware that they had to finish business here before they could complete any sort of move. It did not mean that he had to enjoy it. Which, admittedly, was accurate. He enjoyed very little. His head was down as he traveled. He could see that there were very little of the members remaining. What had happened to the once great realm that he had controlled? Had he gone soft in his ruling since then? Lucious almost scoffed at that. No such thing as a Malfoy going soft. How dare he even place that sort of thing inside of his own head. Affronted at his own misgivings, but not willing to even admit such, Lucious made sure that he was standing next to his wife.

As a united front, they would be able to handle anything.

Speaking of united front, they were missing one third of their equation. Where in the world was Severus? Worry heightened tenfold at that and he wasn't pleased to find it sit heavy in his stomach. All of this was becoming too much for the older tiger. Maybe it was a good thing for them to completely step out of the limelight of leading, after all. Not that he would ever admit such. No, that would be admitting to weakness and Lucious was not one to do such a thing.

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RE: Pulse

Boring life that he was leading. Perhaps if nothing had changed, if he didn't have the younger siblings and the tie to Severus Rickman, it would have been more enjoyable. He might carry the lessons that his father and mother once had taught him but that did not mean that he was stupid enough to speak about it in front of them. Of course, Draco also wasn't sure what he was supposed to believe anymore. Yes, he had been taught a different way but now he had younger half blood siblings. Though, they were two years old now, at most. Draconis supposed that nothing mattered. He did not know about what had happened to Ankaa. If he had known, the tiger would have been looking everywhere for her. He approached the meeting, not yet realizing that his life would be shaken again. He had always been the son of the leader. Even when neither parent had obtained the leader position, for the brief stint that Kicheko had been leader, he had been the son of the leader. So, this was certainly going to be a cultural shock. He stepped forward, instantly heading toward a wife that he knew next to nothing about.

Maybe he should have tried harder. But again, Draconis didn't much care about formalities. His head was lowered as he glanced at his mother and father. There was something about the way that they were holding themselves that unsettled the strawberry tiger. It would have been impossible for someone else to not notice. But this was their oldest son and he knew each and every facial expression that they had. So something was going to change and Draconis wasn't exactly sure if he should be thankful or not.

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RE: Pulse

The gunmetal leopard approached the meeting, completely unaware of his eldest sisters disappearance. It would seem that what had happened was a complete mystery to the children. He didn't know what would come of the meeting, but he did know that there was news on the horizon. One could often feel such things and Caer most definite did. A frown tugged at the corners of his mouth as he took a seat. He reclined to his haunches as a thoughtful expression crossed his features. Those molten brown eyes were steadily gazing at his mother - though, he fleetingly looked toward his father upon his entrance - and tilted his head a little bit to the side.

One could only theorize what was going to happen so long until there was nothing left to do, but find out what it was that was just out of reach. His tail flicked a little impatiently behind him, his brow furrowing into a little frown as he waited as impatiently as ever. The irritation didn't show on his face, however. Remember? The man was a blue blood, after all.


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RE: Pulse

A call rang out, loud and clear. At least, Antigone perceived it as such. The Flint woman stood up on all three of her functional legs and steadily walked towards its origin. Making her way towards the meeting was not exactly an easy feat -- she felt some pain in her offending leg and winced every time she accidentally took a step with it. The charcoal puma was used to the pain, but that did not mean that it hurt less.

Once upon a time, Antigone had been ambitious; fierce. That ambition had, for the most part, corroded away as she had grown older and experienced various adversities. There was certainly still a bit of fight left in the charcoal cougar, but all of her failures and losses had given her little reason to continue trying. This view she now had did not weigh down on her too hard -- she had long since accepted that she was no longer Antigone Flint, daughter of Azuren Flint and heir to his throne but rather Antigone Flint, a crippled commoner, and had begrudgingly moved on from considering the possibility of reuniting with her family. She did, however, hope that they were faring well, wherever they may be.

Once she arrived at the spot where all were called to gather, the dark gunmetal woman merely sat upon her haunches and waited for an explanation on what this was all about. She knew not about the probable idea of disbanding the realm that she had called home for what seemed like eons, and therefore regarded Narcissa with a calm, curious expression. She noted that one of her eyes had clouded over with blindness, appearing more like a pearl rather than vibrant ocean that she had always known. When had her Queen become half-blind? What could potentially be taken as a sign of weakness by some did not make the woman see her Queen as any less superior, but Antigone still wondered what had happened nonetheless.

Original image by Discovery Times on Flickr.


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