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Festival Feast of Fate [AW]

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Feast of Fate [AW]

The Weaver of Fate hardly felt Yavania needed a nudge from him to spread chaos. Certain realms and creatures were doing that all on their own. Still, he would not turn down his right to celebrate his domain, and he materialized upon the treacherous bridge of his personal land -- uncaring if mortals could not make it atop these hardy cliffs, reason for being here remained all the same. Like he’d done many times before, a feast sailed nigh. Platinum eyes studied the jagged rocks, a brow simply arching in obvious amusement. It was warm, and it was mid-morning. What better time to indulge?

"Come. Feast." Making sure that all mortals could hear the words he spoke, both telepathically and atone the air, magic wove in preparation of food. Tables carved from the earthen toils, cloth now sown over them in delicate decoration -- as that transitioned, grand entrees of meat, fruits, vegetables and various drinks spindled into existence.

Come they shall or shan’t. Once the feast was made, the man disappeared, divination dematerializing from the Pass altogether.

Defros has laid out a feast in Defros' Pass, available to all that can get to it. The characters that have entered into Defros' Gamble/Defros' Temptation are affected by the curse/gifts in this thread. Those that participate may request the Fate Festival Diamond () to be added to their profile.

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RE: Feast of Fate [AW]

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Mayzee Godin


The spirit hadn’t a clue why another feast was being called. There was the one she was sure Syuna held because it was for children but this one? She ain’t a clue why this one was happening and immediately moved to check out the situation. Of course Mayzee had been sticking around the Kingdom now that she had returned. But what she never wanted to test out was trying to eat things or touch others. It was true, she was terrified of what the results would be and it made her want to (but she couldn’t) shiver in fear. Brushing off the feeling of fear from her mind, she approached the Pass with no fear as she made her way up and to the tables. Now, now, now, there was a lot of good looking food here but she was willing to risk it? Would she phase right though the food or would she actually be able to taste it?

Yes, she for some reason had a feeling she was no mortal now, or at least could be immortal. Untouchable she felt but was it true? Maybe this feast would show that to her, maybe somebody would call her a Spirit and she would know for sure. Float activated, allowing her to float 8 inches off the ground this time but Mayzee didn’t know the change of height and instead continued to look at the good looking food.

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RE: Feast of Fate [AW]

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○ ❖ ♜ STAFF NOTE ♜ ❖ ○
Greetings, Yavania roleplayers!

Pardon the intrusion, but a dead character (aka. spirit) cannot feel physical sensation, as they no longer have a body. Please remove all mentions of Mayzee shivering, getting chills, and the such.

Until this is corrected, she will be on hold.


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RE: Feast of Fate [AW]

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Unphased by the presence of a ghost and clothed in the skin of an echidna via Shift, she slowly walked up to a table loaded with various fruit and drink and licked at a fallen grape. A strong wind (as was common along the Pass) must’ve knocked the tiny amythest free. She assumed as much at least. Defros’ likely refrained from making a mess, chaotic as he was, and the white wolf was naught but a harmless specter. Correction: harmless so long as she didn’t make a scene and oust her captor. Which seemed a doubtful occurance, as the pale witch was currently hidden within a newly armored shell. Unless — well, Mayzee could always tattle on her. What more worried her was whether the audience would put two and two together. Then again, was painting a target on an ally’s back really worth the risk? She decided to keep an eye and an ear on the woman, just in case, and frustratedly clawed the round sphere of sugar water, as she lacked teeth in this form. Having finally unlocked the tasty juices within, she slurped them up greedily. Then she abandoned the wrinkled skin and sniffed around for more, giving up after roughly a minute. Next she shuffled over to the meat table and happily ate some crisped ants from a small, wooden bowl.

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