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[FF] Torok & Sandy

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[FF] Torok & Sandy


Your explorations lead you here. Your parents/guardians linger nearby (if you have any), so you feel safe. Dusk is approaching but isn't yet here, so there's plenty of time to play!

OC: Completing this thread counts as completing a [FF] thread and attending Syuna's Festival. When completed, remember to claim for your AP here with the Task filled out to say "Completed an [FF] Thread". Remember, these matches are not necessarily meant to be romantic in nature.


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RE: [FF] Torok & Sandy

Why had see come when the strange voice called? She had been curious. Always curious. It was her curse and her gift. She had gotten to the feast thing but then regretted going in the first place. She didn't want anything to do with any of them. Still she couldn't bring herself to leave. She simply stood a distance away from everyone. Watching. Torn between her wish to not be alone and her lack of trust in anyone and everyone. She could see other playing. Having fun. But she didn't dare to join them. They would just turn them away. She was sure of it. She was a freak after all. Or was she? The kind woman had said that wasn't true. She didn't know. She hoped she wasn't a freak. She didn't think of herself that way. At least not a lot.

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